ETS Capacity Building Trainings for Governmental & Industry Representatives in December 2020

In order to furtherly support the Chinese national ETS development, and effectively improve the ability of provincial and municipal Ecological Environment Bureaus and key enterprises to address climate change and to be well prepared with the operation of the national carbon emission trading market, EU-China ETS Cooperation Project continued to deliver successfully four climate change training sessions in Weifang City, Shanxi Province, Chongqing City and Shenzhen City in December 2020. 

Experts from National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC), Ecology Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences, Shandong Academy of Environmental Sciences, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, China Hubei Emission Exchange, Longyuan (Beijing) Carbon Asset Management Technology Co., Ltd, SinoCarbon, Renmin University of China, Tsinghua University, China Beijing Green Exchange, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Electricity Council, Shanghai Economic Information Center and China Emissions Exchange were invited to share their insights and experience in terms of the national climate change policy and perspective of the “14th-Five Year Plan” , newly announced national carbon neutral target, carbon emission peaking actions and policies, the synergy of climate change and air pollution control, green financial policy and practice, carbon emission verification, allowance allocation and CCER of pilot carbon market, as well as other programmatic topics. 

High-level representatives of four reginal Ecological Environment Bureaus gave opening remarks and emphasized the significance of participation these trainings to prepare and participate well in China’s nationwide ETS. Key experts of the project implementation team attended some of trainings and made project introduction on behalf of the Project. In total about 650 participants from reginal Ecological Environment Bureaus and emission enterprises attended these trainings.