ETS Capacity Building Trainings for Governmental & Industry Representatives in December

The Capacity building training of ecological environment system and key emission enterprises in Yunnan Province was held on 10th – 11th December 2019 in Kunming. It aims to enable the Ecology and Environment Bureaus within Yunnan Province much more familiar with day-to-day tasks of ETS and to prepare and participate well in China’s nationwide ETS and provide related knowledges & experiences in terms of regional low carbon development.

The Director of Atmospheric Environment Department of Yunnan Provincial Ecological Environment Department and Key Expert of Component C of EU-China Emissions Trading System (ETS) gave opening speeches. Experts from National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC), Tsinghua University, Shanghai Information Center, Beijing Research Center for Climate Change, Guangzhou Emission Exchange, Hubei Emission Exchange, State Power Investment Corporation Limited and SinoCarbon were invited to give lectures and expressed their professional opinions on allowance allocation, Carbon management experience of large enterprises, greenhouse gas inventory, and the objectives & ideas of China’s response to climate change, etc. About 200 participants attended this training.

After then, ETS project also held two large-scale training activities with the same theme in Guangxi Province and Hebei Province. The three training activities covered nearly 1000 participants from eco-environmental system and emission enterprises.