EU-China ETS Project Supports 17 Large-scale Training Workshops on Allowance Allocation Plan

In order to ensure on-schedule launch of Chinese national ETS, the EU-China ETS Cooperation Platform supported the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) organized successfully 17 consecutive large-scale training workshops across China from the end of October until early December focusing on the allowance allocation plan and other ETS policies and knowledge.

These training workshops covered in total 4,631 representatives coming from 27 provinces and 4 cities. Around 580 experts and scholars were engaged to share their knowledge and experiences in terms of allowance allocation, MRV of GHG emission, carbon trading, carbon asset management and other related issues. Apart from providing support on preparation and logistics, the representatives from EU Delegation dedicatedly shared experiences and lessons of EU-ETS towards audience in 3 out of 17 workshops.