EU-ETS Platform Project organised capacity building activity in Ningxia, Dalian, Jiangsu and Shanghai

From 30th May to 4th July, four capacity building activities under the project of EU-China ETS Platform were successfully organised in Ningxia Province, Dalian, Jiangsu Province and Shanghai respectively. Around 1,000 people from local ecological environment authorities and enterprises in key emission sectors across these four regions participated in the training activities.


These training activities mobilised professional and experienced experts from a variety of institutions such as Tsinghua University, Shanghai Information Center, China Energy Investment Corporation, Longyuan (Beijing) Carbon Asset Management Technology Co., ltd, Shenzhen Emission Exchange and SinoCarbon Innovation & Investment Co., ltd to deliver a range of training courses, contents of which covered the development progress of nationwide ETS, the methodology of MRV, allowance allocation, practical carbon emission trading strategies and carbon asset management skills and so on.

The four training activities were well designed to take into account different capacity and circumstances in different regions. In Ningxia Province, for example, after the responsibility of addressing climate change has been changed to be taken over by the eco-environment authority system, provincial officers of Ningxia are new to climate change area.Enterprises in Ningxia also have few experiences in carbon emission trading. In this case, the training content was designed to focus on promoting the understanding of ETS and howto better participate in the coming nationwide ETS. In Shanghai, on the contrary,emission enterprises have rich experience in ETS as Shanghai is one of local ETS pilots and enterprises have been participating in the pilot. Therefore, the training in Shanghai focused on the communication of practical trading strategies and experience.