The expert meeting of EU-China ETS joint research held on 11th – 12th July, Beijing 2019

The experts of EU-China ETS joint research groups gathered in Beijing on 11th – 12th July 2019 for information exchange and in-depth discussion on the roll-out of the Chinese nation-wide ETS.

At the meeting on 11th July, the 3 sub-groups of joint research 1 updated MEE,DG CLIMA and the Project Team on the work progress to date since late February, the situation of the joint surveys, the future actions to complete the research report, and share any existing challenges.



A half-day video conference was held on the following day, EU expert Mr. Heiko Kunst presented their views on EU experiences on benchmarks of emissions trading system, including free allocation, product benchmarks, fall back approaches and related issues to all the participants, to ensure the scope of  joint research 3 be successfully defined.

The Joint research will address topics related to CN ETS and will provide possible practical solutions to the regulatory questions from MEE. It will also facilitate consensus building which will help make the outcome more policy-relevant and more acceptable to the authorities at both the national and the provincial levels.