EU-China ETS Project meets with EU-Link and ECECP

EC-Link Team met with EU-China Emission Trading System (ETS) Project and EU-China Energy Cooperation Platform (ECECP) Project, in order to strengthen on-going dialogue and verify opportunities of cooperation.

During the initial discussion, it was highlighted that the overall objective of ETS project is to enhance cooperation with China on climate change by establishing a regular political dialogue on emission trading and continuing to support China in building a nation-wide emission trading system that contributes to reduce its emissions. To this end, the project pursues two more specific objectives: the first one is to establish and then reinforce a political dialogue between China and the EU on the development of emission trading in both constituencies; the second objective is to support China in building its national emission trading system.

On the other hand ECECP, a 3.5 million Euro project aimed at enhancing the EU-China cooperation on energy. This enhanced cooperation should help increase mutual trust and understanding between China and the EU and contribute to a global transition towards clean energy on the basis of a common vision of a sustainable, reliable and secure energy system. Reinforce the political dialogue between China and the EU and create conditions for better access for EU business to energy-related markets is key elements for the implementation of the ECECP.

Thanks to the open dialogue, it was agreed a multi-level approach:

EC-Link Project, together with ETS Project, will verify opportunities to develop cooperation for the development of trainings for  Chinese officials, in particular related to the on-going work performed by EC-link in green financing and how integrate that together with the on-going ETS system.

EC-Link, together with ECECP, will verify opportunities to organize joint event to support the introduction of European clean energy solution within Chinese municipalities in particular in the area of district    heating, hot-cooling systems, and for the sustainable introduction of clean energy solutions.