Experts Meetings of EU-China ETS Joint Research Held in Beijing

The experts of joint research working group 1 met in Beijing on 20th Feb 2019 to exchange the information and facilitate the progress of the research. The research intends to address topics related to CN ETS and provide possible practical solutions to the regulatory questions from Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE). It will also facilitate consensus building which will help make the outcome more policy-relevant and more acceptable to the authorities at both the national and the provincial levels. Mr. Johannes Enzmann, on behalf of Directorate-General of the Commission's climate action department (DG CLIMA) attended the meeting and took the opportunity to thank all expert's effort and highly value the research on transition from pilots to China national ETS.


The kick-off meeting of joint research working group 2 was held on the following day. Focusing on market oversight, the meeting provides an opportunity for EU and Chinese experts to have an extensive exchange of views, discuss and agree on the details of the scope of work, and the implementation of the joint research.


Approximately 35 participants attended the two meetings. In addition to the MEE, DG CLIMA, EU Delegation to China, and elements of the Core Project Team and support staff, the meeting engaged 17 international and Chinese experts who have comprehensive research experience on carbon market and related industries.