An Industry-to-Industry Dialogue on China’s National ETS Held in Beijing

On 25th -26th Feb, EU-China ETS Platform Project held a joint event in Beijing, “An Industry-to-Industry Dialogue on China’s National ETS” with IETA. This joint event has three main objectives: to improve the understanding and knowledge of Chinese industry on the role and function of emissions trading system, to enhance the ability and skills of Chinese industry to participate in China’s national ETS, and to make industry representatives apply real world trading skills in an emissions trading simulation game.


Over 70 participants from different sectors in China and the EU have attended the joint event, learning trading skills through the simulation and communicating their experience and challenges in emissions trading. In the keynote speech session, Mr. Zhang Xin, the director of NCSC, shared his view of the development of China’s national ETS, pointing out the challenges and opportunities the enterprises are facing, and called for more enterprises to participate in the carbon market more actively. Mr. Dirk Forrister, the president and CEO of IETA, introduced the potential benefits of market mechanism in meeting NDC targets. Representatives from key emission sectors including Huaneng group, SINOPEC, Statkraft, Engie and BP also shared their insight of participating in the emissions trading.