Kick-off of Joint Research 3: Industrial Benchmarks—Paper and Pulp Workgroup

A kick-off meeting of EU-China ETS joint research 3: Industrial Benchmarks—Paper and Pulp Workgroup was held online on 5 February 2021. Approximately 10 Chinese and European experts from the research institutes, think tanks and industries was engaged. The approach and timeline of the research work was agreed at the meeting: The detailed work plan will clarify the working timeline and the division of this research work between Chinese and European experts. Affected by COVID-19, the Project Team organised a series of phased meeting or discussion via video conference in the next step, instead of face-face meeting. 

Mr. Johannes Enzmann, on behalf of Directorate-General of the Commission's climate action department (DG CLIMA) attended the meeting and took the opportunity to thank all expert's effort and highly value the research that will contribute to China national ETS. The output of this research will be reviewed by DG CLIMA and the EUD before being submitted to Climate Change Department of the MEE as a reference for policymaking.